General Negligence

broken sidewalk

Negligence is the failure to use reasonable care under the circumstances then and there existing. If an individual or a business owner fails to use reasonable care, and this failure causes an injury, then the injured person may be entitled to compensation for things like lost earnings and pain and suffering. Examples of negligent conduct include failing to ensure that an aisle in a store or supermarket is clean and free of debris, failing to make sure that elevators are in proper working order, failing to maintain sidewalks, pathways and streets, failing to operate one’s automobile safely, lack of security in residential and commercial buildings, dog bites and other types of non-intentional conduct that cause injury to others.

At the Law Firm of Andrew R. Leder, we will investigate the facts and circumstances of your accident, and determine whether the accident was due to negligence. If so, we will then determine the best legal strategy to ensure that you or your loved one are fairly and properly compensated for any injuries.

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