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The Truth about Construction Safety and Accidents

Our society has made great strides in ensuring worker safety in a number of fields, but there are still professions in which the nature of the job poses a frequent threat to safety. One such area is in the field of construction. While a fall or other accident might require the aid of a Nassau County construction accident attorney, a Rockville Centre construction accident attorney, or a Long Island construction accident attorney, the ultimate goal must be to remain safe and free from injury.

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The Danger of Construction Jobs – Construction Accident Attorney

In detailing the latest studies of dangers in construction work, new statistics reveals unsettling trends in continuing construction accidents.

Since one in 10 construction workers are injured on the job every year, there’s an almost certain guarantee a construction worker l be injured on the job at least once in  their lifetime. The threat is real,  when considering the number of construction job related fatalities. In a  career spanning 45 years, there’s a 1 in 200 chance of dying on the job in  a work-related accident.

Falls are the number one cause of construction job fatalities. In looking at fall incidents, 39% are falls from roofs, while scaffolds represent 33% of all construction job falls. For falls from ladders, the statistics are further divided into two categories, based on the height of the ladder. 27% of construction-related falls took place from ladders that were 10 feet or shorter, while ladders over 25 feet represent 12% of all construction site falls.

These unsettling statistics on falls may represent accidents that are largely avoidable. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports that fall protection regulations are the most violated government standards..

The young are especially at risk for workplace fatalities in the construction industry, which is #2 in the U.S. for workplace fatalities in workers 18 years old and younger. In addition, studies have found that 60% of construction job-related injuries occur within the first 12 months of employment. A 10 year study, conducted between 2002 and 2012 revealed that the construction industry is responsible for 19.5% of all workplace fatalities.

Fortunately, there have been improvements in the way construction personnel approach their jobs. Trends suggest people are working more safely, especially in these high hazard positions. Road construction deaths have dropped by 36% since 2005.


More Construction Job Factors to Consider

While falls represent a significant number of job-related injuries and deaths in the construction industry, they aren’t the sole cause of dangerous construction mishaps. , Workers are often struck by falling objects, electrocuted, exposed to toxins, or caught between two objects. With all of these accidents, one must wonder why the courts aren’t overrun with injured workers trying to sue their employers. That’s because most states have enacted Worker’s Compensation laws that prevent individuals from suing their employers. Even so, there are other ways for injured workers  seeking damages t , including lawsuits seeking compensation from the owner of the job site or contractors responsible for conducting the operation.

After falls, the leading cause of injuries and deaths on construction job sites is, workers being struck by falling objects, representing 10.3% of all incidents. Electrocutions come in third  at 8.9%, while individuals and extremities being crushed between objects represents 2.6% of all construction job-related accidents.

Most of the injuries  suffered through construction job accidents are not fatal. Workers suffer injuries such as amputations, scarring and disfigurement, back and neck injuries, spinal cord damage, loss of sight or hearing, and brain injuries secondary to head trauma. These injuries often  lead to long-term disabilities, affecting the individual’s ability to earn wages in the future.

What should you do if you’re involved in a construction workplace accident? First and foremost, seek medical attention. Following that, document your injuries and report the incident to your employer, or to the construction site manager. At this stage, you should also interview witnesses and collect as much proof about the accident as you can. This includes taking photos of the accident location and collecting other evidence from the site., if possible.

Finally, seek an attorney experienced with workplace accidents to assess your situation. Only by speaking with someone knowledgeable about this area of law can you be sure to protect your rights and avoid suffering further financial losses. Depending on your situation, you may already be facing a debilitating injury, so you don’t want to make your circumstance unnecessarily worse.

If you’ve experienced an injury on a job site and are in need of a Nassau County construction accident attorney, Rockville Centre construction accident attorney or a Long Island construction accident attorney, please contact us for an initial consultation. Together, we can determine the best course of action for your circumstances.